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Benefits of Irrigation Systems


There are three primary benefits of having a professionally installed irrigation system: Environmental, Time Management and Financial:

* Having a professionally designed and installed irrigation system prevents soil erosion caused by excess water runoff typically associated with hand watering.
* Efficient irrigation encourages lush growth of landscapes, allowing for areas to host a garden party or simply play badminton with the kids.
* Having healthy, green grass in your lawn has a cooling effect that (during the summer months) causes your lawn to be 15-30 degrees cooler than asphalt or bare dirt.
* A properly installed irrigation system will feed the deep root system of your grass and plants without over-watering and causing increased weed growth.
* Healthy turf acts as a natural filter against pollutants and toxins entering your ground water.

Time Management:
* You're free of having to drag hoses around, remembering to turn them on and off and worrying about garden hoses causing dead spots in the grass. Your professionally installed irrigation controller will operate independently, turning the system on and off at a pre-scheduled time.

* Irrigation systems add an average of 15% to the value of your home, both through the presence of an irrigation system as well as encouraging your landscape to its full potential.
* A properly designed and installed irrigation system can save you literally thousands of gallons per year through automatic timing and efficient water auditing. Studies have shown that nearly 50% of water used during hand watering is WASTED due to runoff and evaporation.

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