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Products - Drip Irrigation:

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Lautner Irrigation, Inc is proud to offer a full range and variety of drip irrigation products designed to satisfy any
low-volume irrigation project. Whether you're irrigating something as simple as a series of shrubs around your house, a garden bed or even a large-scale vineyard project, you can find everything you need in our showroom
at 727 West Front Street.

Below you will find a sample of the variety of types of tubing, emitters, spray heads and other parts that Lautner Irrigation provides to our customers. We also offer a full range of adapters and reducer bushings designed to allow our customers to tie into an existing mainline or off a hose bib to provide water to a planned low-volume irrigation system.

Please note that it would be impossible for us to show an image and description of every drip irrigation product that we carry. Below you will find examples and samples of the various products the we offer.


Rainbird XFD Blank Tubing:

Extra flexible tubing for fast, easy installation.

Dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth.

Tubing is available in 100' and 500' coils.

Rainbird XFD Pre-Emitted Tubing:

The most flexible, pressure-compensating inline emitter tubing available to irrigate ground cover, dense plantings, hedge rows and more.

Dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth.

Patent pending emitter design provides for increased reliability.

Longer lateral runs than competition.

Tubing is available in .6 GPH (250' and 500' coils) and .9 GPH (100', 250' and 500' coils.)


XF Series Fittings:

Rain Bird’s 17mm barbed insert fittings are used with all Rain Bird XF Series Dripline. They have been redesigned and can now be installed over twice as fast as other barbed fittings.

When you're installing the new XF Insert Fittings, you quickly notice that less force is required to securely attach the fittings. This will reduce hand fatigue and will save you time and money.

Hose / Pipe Adapters:

Lautner Irrigation has a variety of high-quality brass hose adapters designed to allow you to install a low-volume drip installation from nearly any source including outside hose bibs and existing irrigation lines.

Gated Wyes:

We also carry two models of Gated Wyes, designed to allow you to install a low-volume irrigation system while still having accessibility to your hose outlet. Our wyes are brass and come in two- and four-outlet designs.

Spray Heads

Clip Stake Sprays:

Clip Stake Sprays punch into 1/2" trickle tubing to provide an above-ground spray to water areas from 4' to 9' in radius with a variety of spray patterns from 30 degrees to 360 degrees. Infinitely adjustable in flow rates and arcs, the Clip Stake Spray is pre-assembled for ease of installation.

5" Adjustable Dripper Stake:

This unit is designed to be placed in beds or planter boxes and provides 0-13 GPH of water. The unit is adjustable using a screw-top design and comes standard with a transfer barb to bridge between the 1/2" drip irrigation tubing and the 1/4" distribution tubing to supply water to the stake while minimizing the visibility of the 1/2" tubing..

Rainbird Xeri-Pop:

The Xeri-Pop micro-spray makes it easy to integrate a durable micro-spray into a low-volume drip irrigation design. This is the only pop-up
spray that works reliably in low-volume
low-pressure applications.

  • The Xeri-Pop can operate with 20 to 50 psi base pressure when water is supplied via 1⁄4" Distribution Tubing (XQ).

  • The flexibility of 1⁄4" tubing allows the Xeri-Pop to be easily located and relocated as planting conditions dictate.

  • A durable, plastic snap-collar (on 4" and 6" models) secures the 1⁄4" tubing to the outside of the Xeri-Pop case.


Spot Systems 300 Series Emitters:

The Spot Systems emitter (top) is designed to attach to the end of the 1/8" distribution tubing, at the base of the plant, and has a removable regulator for cleaning purposes. The Spot Systems emitters come in 1/2GPH, 1GPH and 2GPH models.

Rainbird XeriBug Emitters:

The Rainbird emitter (bottom) are designed to punch directly into the 1/2" drip irrigation tubing with 1/4" distribution tubing leading from the other end to the tree or plant. The Rainbird XeriBug emitters come in 1GPH, 2GPH and 5GPH models.


Miscellaneous Fittings

As you can see, Lautner Irrigation Inc. is THE place to purchase your drip irrigation system. Don't waste your time or money buying bagged quantities of items you may not need!
Visit our showroom at 727 West Front Street, where we will sell you only what you
need in the quantity you need it in!


For additional parts, troubleshooting, or any questions about pricing
please call our showroom at 231.947.1639