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Lautner Service


Do-It-Yourself Irrigation:


Lautner Irrigation, Inc offers a comprehensive Do-It-Yourself program that includes the following: Design, Pre-Installation Assembly, and Support. Please click HERE for the official Toro Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Planning and Design Guide. The guide, available on our website and in our store, will walk you through every phase of planning, designing, and installing an irrigation system.



Lautner Irrigation will take the scaled drawing you provide and one of our Certified Irrigation Designers will design out an irrigation system to YOUR specifications. The design we provide will be the most effective way to cover the areas you specify. All our systems are designed with head-to-head coverage and efficient water usage in mind!

When your design is complete, we will meet with you either over the telephone or in person and give you the overall quote for the three different installation services we provide:

Total Do-It-Yourself: This method is for professional contractors and skilled homeowners alike. With a Total DIY kit, everything you need for your individually designed irrigation kit is pulled from our inventory and bagged by the category: Mainline, Controller, Water Tap, Zone #1, Zone #2, etc. When you select Total DIY and arrive at our store, everything will be ready to go for your project! You will be responsible for every aspect of the installation process as well as transporting all the materials from our showroom to your project location.

Partial Do-It-Yourself: Busy? Worried about the technical aspects of installing the
controller, mainline or plumbing? The Partial DIY kit can be tailored to fit your needs. Lautner
Irrigation will assign a crew for any and all of the following:
* Water Tap: Our plumber will provide the water tap from your existing water source to the backflow preventer.
* Electrical System: Our technicians will mount your controller, wire
the zones (post-installation) and set up the controller to your needs.
* Mainline / Lateral Line Installation: Our technicians will use a Maxi-Sneaker to install your mainline and/or lateral line tubing, preventing you from needing to rent equipment to trench or pull the pipe. Just simply follow behind our technicians and install valves, fittings and sprinkler heads to complete your project!

Full Installation: Finding yourself too busy to install the system yourself? Lautner Irrigation also provides full installation services. Please see our installation section for details regarding full installation services.

Note: In most cases, our technicians will transport materials to your
project site for a nominal fee with Partial DIY systems.

Pre-Installation Assembly:
After you select the system and installation type that you would like, our store employees will go through your design and individually package each category of your installation for ease of transport and installation once you reach your project site. All the individual zone packages will have the appropriate amount of fittings, clamps, and nozzled sprinkler heads to complete that facet of the project! It couldn't be any easier and more efficient!

As you're installing your project, Lautner Irrigation is happy to provide over-the-counter support in case you have any questions. Feel free to contact us at 231-947-1639 to talk to our showroom staff for troubleshooting and answers to all your irrigation questions!