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Lautner Service



Irrigation System Installation


When you hire Lautner Irrigation, Inc to install your residential or commercial sprinkler system, you can expect the following:


* A Certified Irrigation Designer will meet with you to discuss your watering expectations and needs. At this time our designer will measure your lot, making note of any special considerations or special watering needs.
* Our designer will return to our office and fully design your irrigation print. At this point, we will contact you and meet with you to go through your system, head by head. When approval is given to install the system, we will schedule a prospective installation date.
* Three days before system installation, your property will be flagged for utilities by Miss Dig.
* The morning of your installation, a foreman and crew will be joined on-site by your designer, to go over any last-minute changes and to begin the installation process.
* During installation, the foreman and crew will use a Maxi-Sneaker to pull the irrigation lines into the ground (no trenching is needed) and the water tap plumbing and irrigation controller will be installed. After this has taken place, the fittings and heads will be installed.
* Post-installation, the sprinkler heads will be adjusted to ensure maximum coverage. In addition, all areas where pipe has been pulled will be flattened and seeded with grass seed to facilitate re-growth of any damaged grass.
* Upon final completion of installation, our foreman will meet with you to cover the basics of the irrigation controller operation and walk you through the system in its entirety.


Lautner Irrigation, Inc is proud to employ the only Certified Irrigation Designers in Northern Michigan! Call today to schedule your appointment.