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Lautner Service


Irrigation System Service:


When you call, visit or schedule service on our website for your residential or
commercial irrigation system, you can expect the following from Lautner Irrigation, Inc:


‣ A service technician will be routed to your residence or place
of business as soon as geographically possible.

‣ When the technician arrives, they will meet with you to discuss your issue or problem
(if available), otherwise the technician will review their notes and effect repairs as indicated.

‣ Upon completion of repair, our service technician meet with you to discuss repairs made and to alert you that the task has been completed. If you are not available, our technician will leave a hang tag on your door indicating services provided.


Sprinkler Pump and Irrigation Controller Service:

Nothing is more frustrating than when a critical component of your irrigation system fails. Lautner Irrigation has the solution! We offer repair services for the vast majority of irrigation and sprinkler pumps as well as repair services for hydraulic and mechanical irrigation controllers. Unless tied to a service call, all irrigation pump and controller repairs are done over the counter. When you arrive at our showroom, the repair process begins as follows:

‣ Our staff will log in your equipment and check it in with our service technicians.

‣ Our service technicians will diagnose the issue with your equipment and, if requested, provide an estimate over the telephone.

‣ Repairs will be performed on your equipment and the fix will be verified through a rigorous diagnostic process.

‣ After the fix is verified, you will be contacted to pick up your equipment and effect payment.

Over-the-counter turnaround time varies, due to seasonal loads, but most equipment has a turnaround time of 7-10 business days. This figure may fluctuate depending on the need for special ordering.