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Lautner Service


Spring Start-Up, Fall Winterizations

Spring Irrigation Start-Up:

Lautner Irrigation provides spring startups for any residential or commercial system.
When our technicians arrive at your home or business, they will do the following to
ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency:

* Re-charge your main line with water
* LAKE SYSTEM ONLY: Install your filter and suction line into your water source
LAKE SYSTEM ONLY: Prime your pump and ensure efficient operation
* Program your controller and replace the battery backup (as needed)
* Inspect all zones for successful operation
* Inspect system for leaks or water line breaks
* Inspect sprinkler heads to ensure they are in working order
* Adjust sprinkler heads for efficient coverage (as needed)
* Inspect trickle and drip irrigation zones and replace nozzles and emitters (as needed)
* Inspect and clean any irrigation filters on your system

When our technicians depart your home or business, your system will be
in full working order without you having to lift a finger!

Fall Irrigation Winterizations:

We also provide Fall Winterization (blow outs) for any residential or commercial system.
When our technicians winterize a system, they do the following:

* Shut off main water supply and drain from water source
* LAKE SYSTEM ONLY: Pull suction line from water source and place on dry land
* LAKE SYSTEM ONLY: Clean suction filter
* LAKE SYSTEM ONLY: Drain pump and winterize to prevent freeze damage
* Drain backflow preventer
* Blow all water out of main line and zone piping to prevent freeze damage

Winterizing an irrigation system correctly can save you hundreds of
dollars in repairs next spring.

Upon completion, our technicians will report to you to verify all work has been completed and ensure you are completely satisfied before departing.